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Are you looking for black magic totke or want to meet Black Magic Totke Specialist? Then, you are at the right place. Astrologer Arjun Shastri is another famous name in the field of black magic totke and has provided this astrology technique to many people for the welfare of the society and for selfish purposes. Most effective black magic totke which you can use for vashikaran purpose to control any men, women, girl or your husband, Patni, wife etc. Try these 5 black magic totke, but always remember don't misuse them.

1- This black magic totke and mantra has been given by our famous Kamandali Arjun Shastri. It can be used at any place and get instant result. Firstly, you have to collect the 27 teeth of a donkey. Make bright these teeth with the hair of the horse. Sit on the east side in the early morning and repeat the below mantra. "Om namo bhoothnath samast bhuwan, bhutani sadhya hu." The mantra should be repeated 3,101 times. After that, it will get energies.

2- Cut your nails of hand-legs and mix it with the food of that lady on whom you want to do vashikaran. The lady will be in your control after eating this food.

3- In any month of Shukla paksha on Sunday, get the soil of samshan and mix it with your nails of hind-legs, and mix all these with the food of that person on whom you want do vashikaran. After eating this food that person will come under your control.

4- On Amasya mix your virya with petha and go to kumhar's house to place this petha on the door of kumhar, and take a round of this petha in an anticlockwise direction. And when any lady eats this petha get vashikaran and comes under control of you.

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